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I have a fairly old MOBO (MSI MS-6340) and went to flash the BIOS because some issues were resolved in the newer version. The BIOS program started to flash, but it froze. So, I waited for 15 min, to no avail. Finally, I restarted the PC and it is saying 1 long beep and 2 short beeps then a continuous high pitched beeps after (Award BIOS BTW). Is there any way I can bring this back to life?
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  1. First thing, try pulling the battery and doing a rest with the BIOS jumper. That may put you back to default. Sad to say, but if everything froze during the BOS update, the mobo may be junked. I did loose a mobo once doing that years ago. Sometimes a shop can fix it, but their service charge can be more than the cost of a new mobo.
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