Project Zeus - Mini-ITX Router under Linux (Core Duo)

Good morning everyone,

Project ZEUS :

I have recently made the acquisiation of a Mini-PC. After ATX, Mini ATX , welcome to the Mini-ITX.

This project has for objective to replace my actual router, the new router should provide over 300Mbps throughpath routing. (Hope so).

The system has 2 Gigbatis Connectors (PCI-E internal) and a Core Duo 1.66Ghz processor and 1Gb of DDR2 ram memory.

The system should work with a Flash Memory but I prefer to use an HDD IDE because we have more space and it's more simple with drivers actually.

Actually the full system costed : 310 CHF =~ 186.64 Euro =~ 258.03 Dollars

Details about Mainboard :
Company : ITOX
Model : G5C100-N-G
2 PCI-E Network 1Gbps
3 Ports COM
1 Mini-FDD

Details about processor:
Company : Intel
Type		   : Core Duo
Model		: T2300 (SL8VR)
Speed           : 1.66Ghz
FSB			 : 667Mhz

Some screenshots :
Test Phase 1

That's all, I'm going to keep this thread updated as soon as I received the new cooler ;) (See the screenshots and you will for sure understand why).

Have a nice day,
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  1. I received today the Cooler.

    Actually I made some test and I can route something like 168Mbps actually which is low for me.

    I think that's a problem with the computers or something similar. (Performances tests were made with IPerf).
  2. Good morning,

    The latest tests were not really what I waited for. This time I made the different tests from 2 Linux Computers (Debian and Ubuntu).

    Connection from PC to Router
    - Avg Speed : 668Mbps

    Connection from Laptop to Router
    - Avg Speed : 658Mbps

    Connection from PC to Router (Routing process) to Laptop
    - Avg Speed : 655Mbps

    My objectif was 300Mbps and I have now 655Mbps what more ? :) The problem with the test that was made with Windows are with the TCP Optimization in Windows which really Sux.

    During all the test the maximum usage of processor were : 1% Core0 , 0% Core1

    I have better performances then all router in the listing on TomsNetworking Chart :)

    Have a nice day
  3. Good work! Please provide some more details.
  4. croc said:
    Good work! Please provide some more details.

    What kind of details ?
  5. Zeus Project now host a Stream live TV , with up to 2 simultaneous different channels.

    I use VLC Server with 2 PVR-USB2 Tuner TV devices.

    The system provide now TV everywhere in the house. About 120Kb/s are used for a stream TV over the Network.

    They can found a tutorial that I created on VLC Forum at the URL :
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