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How About this power supply to put it on a E4300 systems planing to overclock to 2.6-3.0, a 8600GT, 2X320GB SATAII hard drives, 2GB of Gskill DDR2 800,about 3 80mm fans, 2 dvd burners, and a zero therm UFO cooler
Brand hec
Model XPOWER585
Series Orion
Type ATX12V 2.01
Maximum Power 585W
Fans 2
Main Connector 20+4Pin
Dual +12V Yes
Over Voltage Protection Yes
Input Voltage 100 - 120V/ 200 - 240V
Input Frequency Range 47 - 63 Hz
Input Current 10 /5A
Output +3.3V@36A,+5V@36A,+12V1@19A,+12V2@20A,-12V@1A,+5 VSB@2.0A
Approvals cUL, FCC, CSA

Will it work and will be stable????
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  1. It will work, but won't be stable. It sounds like a very cheap PSU, never heard of that brand. On another note, Why are you pairing a nice E4300 with a... 8600GT?

    If you're buying a nice new system why would you skimp on the PSU???, it's basically the heart of your computer and you're putting some crap ass cheapo brand asking it to fry your system.
  2. If you can afford it, always buy a better PS than you need, because it wil only get worse with time. I know nothing of that brand, it may be good, it may be bad. I think that someone had a PS 101 guide, I can't remember if he is still around though.
  3. I choosed this one after reading the power supply FAQ on this main page, acording to the Recommended Sub-$150, high-efficiency PSU's it says that for a performance PS is a criteria of 30A of combined 12V rails, and this one has 39A conbined, and after comparing the specs of the label that comes on the Power Supplies 101: A comprehensive guide , this PSU is more than they show.
    But just want to make sure, more A is good ???
  4. When using 2 or more 12v rails you do not add then amps togther. The most your would get from that is around 36amps, probably less.
  5. Amps are just the bare minimum requirement for a good PSU, good PSUs are more importantly rated0 on component quality and stability, and the PSU of your choice is a complete unknown, that's why it's safe to assume that it's a cheap, unstable POS.

    Go for the Seasonic S12, Corsair HX, Antec NeoHE, or PC Power & Cooling Silencer series. You can't go wrong with any of those.
  6. hec Orion XPOWER585 actually is a solid PSU for a good price. I have heard great reviews on it and its MUCH cheaper than most of those overpriced PSU's that will perform no better.

    At 585W, Dual +12v, and a 1 year warranty, for about $ can't go wrong. Dont pay twice as much just because a label has a known name on it.
  7. On computers you MUST pay for quality, but I guess ignorance is bliss until you fry one of your PC components and come crying here for help.
  8. It's a great PSU, its like a Topower 430w and it kicks Thermaltake 420w ass!!,
    Go for it!!

    I have it in a Athlon X2 Kuma 7750 BE 2.7Ghz @ 3.2Ghz 24/7, ThermalTake Blue Orb II, Biostar TA790GX 128M, XFX Ati Radeon 4770 512 MB, Corsair 2x 1024 MB 800Mhz CL4 2.1v, 500 GB Sata II, 320 GB Sata II, 160 GB IDE, CD-R/DVD-R IDE, 2x 80mm System Fan, 1x 120mm System Fan.

  9. If you want a proper PSU then look no further than a Corsair HX620W.
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