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i am fixing a computer for a client of mine that had a few viruses on it. i booted into safe mode and ran a few scans - norton, trend micro, anti malware etc, and all of them caught something and cleaned the machine. I kept running scans until everything was gone. i also fixed the registry and ran ccleaner etc. well, when i try to boot into normal mode the computer will stay at the logon screen. the mouse will move around but when i click to logon, nothing happens...well, thats not exactly true, after a few minutes the admin icon will flash like i clicked on it then nothing.

its worth mentioning that this guy only has 256 megs in his system and he's running xp pro. i don't see how it runs at all but he says it was fast enough before these viruses. i tried a restore but it keeps telling me that i cannot be restored to said time. temps are all ok and i really can't think what else this could be? failing HD? woulldnt that be a coincidence having a hard drive fail the same time as getting a load of viruses? anyone any ideas of what else i could try?
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  1. have you tried SFC!!!!!!

    Have you tried booting to "Last Known Good Configuration"?

    have you tried the recovery console using fixboot and fixmbr?

    If not boot from the windows CD and use the recovery
    console to perform these tasks. If that doesn't work a
    repair install might be needed.

    or It's time to reinstall Windows, it's quite common
    Good luck...
  2. i tried sfc from the cmd but it says 'the rpc service is unavailable' even though it 'is' running in services....ill try the recovery console now and post what happens. tha
  3. nah none of those fixes worked. can i repair install pro with a home cd? sorry, but i'm just starting out repairing computers and i think i've went through everything here
  4. Unfortunately, you can't repair install pro with a home cd. Can you still boot into safe mode? Try turning off system restore. If you can't boot in to do it, go into recovery console, go to <%windir%>\system32\drivers and delete the file sr.sys. Then try to log in. It has worked in some cases and it won't really hurt anything to try it. Good luck and let us know how it works out.
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