Please help! Need a SERIOUS gaming build!

Good day to you all!

I re-doing my system again, and i'm in need of some advice on what to go with. I want a top of the line gaming rig, and the price for my build isn't exactly a worry. I'll start off with what i have, and we can adjust from there. The following is a list of components THAT I AM CURRENTLY USING:

cpu - e6600
ram - 2gb ocz gold PC-6400
vid - eVGA 8800GTX
mobo - eVGA 680i 122-ck-nf68 rev a2
PSU - thermaltake toughpower 650watt with the add-on 250watt videocard psu
case - thermaltake tai chi with the built in watercooling
HD - WD raptor 74gb

Now to be all honest, i'm sure i could just upgrade a few parts and be fine, but i'm one of those people that has to go new everything's a nasty habbit. The pieces that i WILL be re-using ,however, are the monitor, keyboard,mouse,speakers and dvd writers. i MIGHT consider replacing the case, but only if i can't fit everything into it. Now i have a max limit of $5000, but the less the better. As i said earlier, i want a hardcore FPS killer. One that could be featured in some magazine! (ok, so that's asking a little much..but you catch my drift ;)) What would everyone recommend for my fixation? So far, here's what I have going

cpu - x6800
mem - corsair DDR3 1333 4gb
mobo - asus p5k3 deluxe
vid - 2 evga 8800 ultras
HDs - 2 raptor 150gb (already purchased) and 2 hitachi 1tb
psu - PCP&C silencer 750 quad

What do you guys think?? As far as raid goes, it doesn't matter if i go with raid0 or not ....and for OC'ing purposes, i -might- dab a little into it since i have the watercooler that came with the tai chi. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks again guys!
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  1. Well honestly, in my humble opinion, you're just flushing money down the toilet, and no offense, but it seems rather irresponsible to me.
    You will not get an improvement that would justify spending that much money, especially when you already got a system that will run anything and everything that is currently out or will come out in the next 2-3 years.
    I don't know how easy it is for you to get a hold of $5000 to spend, but if I were you I'd put them away for something that's actually worth it.
    But hey, it's your money, do what you like with it.
  2. $5k was set aside months ago for a new computer no, it's not irresponsible .....i have my budget my house, car, bills and anything else that might come my way. I know how to spend my money, and how to adjust for unforseen problems .........sigh
  3. Hey Luzah I sent a private message :)
  4. Is this a wind-up? :/

    If you want to spend loads of cash on an upgrade, wait till the end of the year and get an X38 board and Geforce 9 series card/s.

    Maybe consider a second 8800GTX in your current rig for now, and another 2GB of DDR800 RAM if you're using Vista 64. Anything other than that would be money very badly spent indeed.
  5. Could you sell me your old rig?
  6. I agree with foxrocks; although the X6800 (overclocked with serious cooling) would probably give you most improvement.
  7. If you REALLY want to upgrade you only have to change the PSU and drop in a second card, that's it. you can't go any higher than that.

    So IF YOU REALLY need to upgrade buy the PCP&C Silencer 750 and a second GTX. You won't get any performance improvements wasting that money, be smart, keep that money and use it for your next build next year or in the next 18 months (Penryn + GF9 SLI)
  8. You know..the more i thought about it today, the more i kind of seen that re-doing my computer would be wasting my money. So, how about this .....get the PCP&C 750 quad ....another GTX card and some more mem .....that shouldn't even be over $800 .....i'm still kind of squimish about OC'ing my e6600 ...but i've been told they OC very nicely ...any thoughts on this guys?
  9. I've heard of people running them from 3.4 to 3.6 with a good fan/heatsink. $70
  10. You would be waisting your money. I agree. Up the power supply so you can be future proofed as well. Pick up that other GTX you lucky bastard :P. And unless your running an OS that can handle 4gb of active memory, Then don't even bother. You've got a system that can blow away any FPS's right now, and that second GTX is going slap around any games that are out right now and that will be coming out. Maybe think about getting a nice 24" monitor with HDCP support, so you'll be getting a kick ass monitor and a HDTV capable screen as well. Happy spendings, and even if you are uncomfortable with overclocking, you shouldn't be. With water cooling you can attain 4.0 ghz quite easily. But start off slow. Just my opinion.
  11. I'm not sure why so many people are telling him to get a PCP&C 750. Ok so it would be an improvement, but his current PSU isn't exactly short on juice.

    I AM CURRENTLY USING...thermaltake tai chi with the built in watercooling

    i'm still kind of squimish about OC'ing my e6600 ...but i've been told they OC very nicely ...any thoughts on this guys?

    This thread makes my brain hurt.
  12. And so does quoting on these forums. And the inability to edit/delete posts.

    I'm going for a lie down.
  13. wish i had money to waste like that. You have water cooling yet no OCing, that just doesn't make sense dude, at least not to me. You said you want a hardcore FPS killer....well you already have that
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