Windows XP unable to detect Sata harddrive

I built a new system (buying each component separately,nonbranded)

Mobo: intel DG33FB
Core 2 Duo E6750
sata drive 160Gb ---->Sata drive

The problem is that Windows XP unable to detect Sata harddrive,but Windows Vista detects it.

I don;t have floppy drive.

I need drivers for my sata,i searched alot using google,find a way to load drivers of Sata without using floppy but where to get sata drivers?
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  1. I had to update my bios for my sata DVD drive to work. Did you update your bios to a current one? If you bios doesn't see it then XP can't either, I know you said that Vista see's it. I never installed any drivers for my sata DVD drive. Are you running a dual boot system(XP & Vista)?
  2. Well BIOS detects it too.

    I am not using dual boot,just Vista.
  3. On some mb there are 2 settings in the bios if your not going to use raid then you can go into the sata settings in bios and change it to IDE that way it emulates ide no need for driver.

    If you are going to use raid your going to need a floppy or slipstream your sata drivers on to your xp disk.

    slipstream app:
  4. I had to have Windows XP with SP2
  5. There is an Option in my BIOS to configure SATA as IDE or AHCP

    Right now its AHCP.

    if i change my sata to IDE,is there any performance lose of HDD?

    any issue???

    I have only one sata HDD.
  6. I might be simple but if you have vista and it sees the sata hard drive, and you do not want to dual boot both Win XP and Vista. You should have no problem keeping the bios configuration that allows Vista to see the hard drive.
  7. Actually i want dual boot (Windows XP and Vista).
  8. Guys,
    I have tried option in my BIOS to configure SATA as IDE from AHCP.

    It has detected my 250GB HDD to 132GB HDD and further while running installation, I found BLUE SCREEN :-( Error for some hardware/device's driver which XP does not support.

    Any help/inputs?

    ~ Naresh Bhalala
    +91 98191 44278
  9. Try downloading the hardware utilities from your vendor - WD or seagate..their diagnostic tools will automatically fix this
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