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I am having some issues and I would be grateful if someone could help. Thanks in advance to anyone who reads all this and gives me some ideas on how I can fix these issues. I will post all the data which I think should be here or that bothers me.

I have a homebuilt Intel C2D based system which is not behaving as it should.

Here are the components:
Case: Antec P180 B
PSU: Chieftec CFT-620-A12S
Motherboard: Intel D975XBX (BadAxe) rev AAD27094 - 305
BIOS v. BX97510J.86A.1351.2006.0821.1744
CPU: Intel Core 2 E 6600 @ 2.4 GHz - stock cooling
RAM: 2x1GB DDR2 Transcend Jetram PC2 - 5300 @ 667 MHz
Video: PNY GeForce 7800 GT 256 MB
plus random storage and optical drives as I add and remove

Here are the issues. I get random instant resets with no prior warning. This happens in both idle and under load, as if I pressed the reset button on the case. I sometimes get one reset per day and have no trouble for a few days up to a few weeks, then again, sometimes I get a dozen resets a day for a few days which just doesnt seem right. I am sure it is not a OS problem/error as I configured it to halt on errors and not reset instantly so I could see if there is an error. I never did notice one, even when I checked system logs. I used Prime95, Memtest the stress test included in the Intel Desktop Utilities and had no errors reported so I am assuming all components are in good health.

However this is not the only issue, my PSU (I think you could call it a no-name) is making weird "humming"/"electrical" sounds which can go on for a few hours or days and stop for a few days or up to 2-4 weeks then they appear again. I had it "replaced" or "fixed" (the guys there replaced a capacitor) about 5 months ago but it didnt help. I am assuming the PSU could cause the random resets but I am not sure.

Apart from this my C2D E6600 is running quite hot. Here is what SpeedFan 4.32 is reporting:

-Fan Speeds
FAN1 (cpu) min: 904 max: 1962 mean: 1275

CPU min: 46 mean: 53 max:56
Internal min: 43 mean: 49 max: 50
Remote min: 39 mean: 46 max: 48
Core #0 min: 46 mean: 54 max: 59
Core #1 min: 46 mean: 54 max: 58
(values in C')

+2.5 min: 1.47 mean: 1.47 max: 1.48 (can someone please tell me what this is for and the normal value for it?)
Vcore min: 1.15 mean: 1.21 max: 1.29 (this changes quite often, every 3-6 seconds or so. is that good?)
+3.3 min: 3.29 mean: 3.30 max: 3.32
+5 min: 5.07 mean: 5.10 max: 5.12
+12 min: 12.06 mean: 12.06 max: 12.13

Uptime: 449h:37m | 18 days 37 minutes
Room temperature: 35 - 45 C'

So far I am thinking of getting a new PSU (at least 550W), better cpu and case cooling. But I"m not sure about it because I would like to know what is causing all these problems.

If anyone has any ideas on what causes this or how I can find out please post. If you need any other info on my build I will add it ASAP.

Thanks again.
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  1. Well if you wanna find out for sure if it's the psu before you buy a new one then borrow one from a buddy that you know works and has enough juice for your system and throw it in there and see if it fixes the reseting issue. I would bet it is the psu though.
  2. Get a new PS anyway, it sounds like yours is a piece of crap. Whether it is causing your problems or not, if it blows then you may have real trouble. Get an aftermarket cooler and some more case fans, then figure out what is causing the reboots. You need to do those things regardless.
  3. First there's a patch for errata in Core 2 CPU released this month by MS kb936357 install it or update your bios (info on how to update your bios should be on your MB manufacturer's site if you're afraid of updating your bios then do the former). I used to have BSOD on XPSP2 (Vista is fine) before I do this when playing games using my "fabulous" 945G video card.
    Another hotfix from MS you should install if you're using XP is kb896256.
    Sometimes bad driver can caused BSOD/sudden reset too. Try disabling Automatic system restart in System Properties -> Advanced tab -> Startup and Recovery Settings to see if you really have a BSOD.

    Then check the other advices.

    PS: The vcore is up and down if you enable EIST (google or wiki please) on your system.
    BTW, I've been using a crappy PSU in my computer for 7 months already and it runs day and night (my computer runs 24/7) without problem, passed memtest and superpi for dualcore version (forget the name) too. It's a PSU + case for 22$ IIRC. I don't have and intend to use dedicated video card and I don't overclock either. If you want to do either of them or want to be on the safe side you should buy a decent PSU though.

    PPS: You should try another temp reader program like Coretemp to be sure of the temperature. It's a little hot. Or you could touch the heat sink of the CPU :D. For my CPU a E4300 it's only not hot at all (about the same temp as your body) to a little warm (about 46 C) only.
  4. Thanks for the tips.
    Looks like I'll be getting a new PSU then. Have to do a little research before I buy one. I thought of getting an Enermax Liberty when I got everything else but that meant one more trip to yet another store to pick it up and I decided to save time and get a PSU from the same store I got the motherboard from. Looks like it was a bad idea.

    Been running Vista for allmost 4 months now and it made no difference.
    I have disabled Automatic System Restart, as I mentioned, hoping it would halt on the error/BSOD but I didnt have one so I am guessing I have a hardware issue. I do not think I have EIST enabled (I'll check) but that would explain the changes. However when I had EIST enabled I noticed the CPU frequency changing with the load and that doesnt happen now.

    I tried Coretemp and it gives the same values as SpeedFan. Touching the heatsink wasnt pleasant as it was quite hot.

    I have 3 120mm case fans (the ones that came with the case, same brand) all running on medium. But I think I could do better with some case fans that have more airflow.

    As for borrowing another PSU... I dont know anyone with a PSU that would work and have enough juice at the same time but I'll keep asking.

    As for updating the BIOS, I have downloaded the latest update about 3 weeks ago but I'm too lazy to actually do it.
    I think I might do that later today after reading the release notes/changes.

    Can anyone suggest any other tests to check for issues elsewhere?

    Another thing that bothers me is not having enough power for all the components. I think they're using about 500-550 W but I'm not sure about the numbers.

    Thanks again.
  5. just get a good name brand psu like ocz i suggest 700 watts or so just to be safe
  6. Quote:
    +2.5 min: 1.47 mean: 1.47 max: 1.48 (can someone please tell me what this is for and the normal value for it?)

    I'm not sure what the +2.5V supply is for, but it probably shouldn't be at 1.47V.

    Your temps seem fine with the stock cooler. Most likely your PSU is bad. You dont need a huge power supply for that system. A 600W supply should be fine, if you plan to upgrade to a better GPU later on though you might consider getting one which can supply more.
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