help with selections (psu, cpu, mobo, gpu)

hey guys, finally building a new machine now that the price drops have happened. I'd like to keep this as cheap as possible for the performance I'm aiming at here. I do pretty intensive Photoshop work, so I need a bunch of raw power. Here's what I've got so far:

Antec P180b
2gb OCZ 6400 ram
1 150gb Raptor (for OS & apps)
2 500gb Samsung Spinpoints (raid 1 for important data storage)
1 320gb Seagate for misc. storage

So I need a CPU, mobo, GPU & PSU (...right? forgetting anything?)

I was thinking q6600 over the e6600. Newegg has the q for $299 and the e for $229. I had read that they were both going to be $269...apparently not? or will there be some subsequent price adjustment? For the $70 I'd rather have 4 cores anyways though, right?

Mobo, I'm completely lost. I'll have 4 sata hard drives and a big graphics card. I'd like wi-fi, but thats not a dealbreaker. Suggestions? I don't feel like I really need P35, unless you can convince me the price difference is worth it. I'd like to keep this ~$100 if possible.

GPU, I'd like an 8800gts...which brand?

PSU, also completely lost. Obviously I need something that will handle what's here, and maybe some very mild overclocking in the future.

Thanks for reading all this, I'd really appreciate any help you can give.
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  1. eVGA 8800GTS
    Corsair 620HX or Seasonic S12 650W
  2. sweet, everyone else agree? thanks for the response
  3. Agree with the board & evga 8800 but 620HX is a definite overkill. Corsair 520HX is a perfect pick for this system, you can get one for $99 on
  4. thanks. psu is where i really know absolutely nothing, so if anyone else can confirm (for my components sake :) ) I'd appreciate it.

    oooh, almost forgot: DVD burner? go with the $35 samsung (i think?) that everyone was recommending a few months back? thanks.
  5. If you don't know much about PSUs and how much you need then you're better off with the Corsair 620HX, that way you don't have to worry about not getting enough power when you add something new. I would've recommended the 520HX but I don't know what plans you have for your system in the future.
  6. I heard nothing but good things about this $28 LG:

    And as for 520HX, you can read user reviews on newegg, many run 8800 GTS with no issues whatsoever:
  7. cool, thanks again guys.

    emp: I'm really not planning on adding anything new. I'm hoping this machine will be my editing workhorse for the next ~3-4 years, depending on whether or not the next version of Photoshop needs an upgrade. Based on this I'd rather go with the 520, unless anybody else objects :)
  8. About the hd's, you can get the WD 750gb hd for about the same price as the 150gb Raptor and, from what I have read, they perform about the same.
  9. Then go with the 520, it will serve you well.
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