Radeon x1950 xt the best 200 dollar card! why cant i...

if this is the best 200 dollar card, how come i can hardly find them anywhere?
all i see is the x1900 pro or x1950 pro.. the cheapest x1950 xt ive found is a sapphire at newegg that is 180 after a 20 dollar rebate..

where can i get the best/cheapest Radeon x1950xt?????
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  1. yea thats what i meant to type but like 2 days ago, for some reason, they had it for 200 with a 20 rebate. but a week before that it was 170 with 20 dollar rebate.

    anyway, why are they so hard to find.. when i search on google i can hardly find them.
  2. vip3569 said:
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1 6814102067 $149 after rebate actually.

    i forgot to say, thanks for the reply and link... thanks a lot!
    thats the one im looking at too.
  3. no prob. Newegg is prone to price changes on a daily basis.
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