Core 2 Duo FSB 1333 Motherboard.

Hello, I am looking for the motherboard that suits E6750 @ 2.66GHz (requires FSB 1333MHz). So, does anyone have any suggestions for the good but not expensive motherboard to get?

Also, about RAM, I am getting PC2-6400 2GB, is that ok? Thanks a lot. I don't really need SLI because I am only going to use 1 Graphics Card.
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  1. The Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R ( cture=Gigabyte). I just used one to build a system and it seems great, even came with a 2-port eSata bracket and dual digital sound (coax + optical), 8 SATA, and all the usual features.

    2GB PC6400 is the best choice right now.

  2. Thanks, here it is.

    I also heard of these DS3s

    but they come in revisions. (1.3, 3.3) apparently, there aren't any available - they support 1333 and are not that expensive. But oh well.
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