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What would you say is the best first person shooter game? Offline play is essential - current play battlefield 2142 which I think is great - but not being that great I spend alot of time counting down from 10 (getting good at this counting backwards - can nearly do it without a prompt in front of me!) - seriously I know they have 6 maps you can play off line I would like more!!!!!!

So what would you recommend?
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  1. well if you want a good single player mode aswell....i personally love FEAR and its expantion pack.

    Then my next best online+ single player would be the call of duty series.

    For just multiplayer i like Bf2142 and my fav multiplayer fps game would be UT2004. I think UT2004 probably has one of the largest number of community made maps around. There are litrally 10000's of maps and loads of mods and game types.
  2. Yep I agree, UT2K4 is my favourite for multi-player.

    For single player HL2 was awesome.

    And then going a little console I love Halo co-op, just wish M$ would stop the BS and put Co-op on the PC versions! :fou:

    Of course this discussion really belongs in the games forum.
  3. Chronicles of riddick, half life 2, and Fear are great picks.
  4. For graphics and sound (like the garbage-can clattering of a blasted bot), UT2004 is very satisfying.
    Still, for visceral pleasure, the old UT G.O.T.Y. lets you rename the bots, and spattering Osama bin Towel all over the floor or bouncing Assahollah Khomeini's head down the hall is loads of fun.
  5. Most recent ones; FEAR + Expansion pack, Quake 4 (It was really fun for me), STALKER (Best game of 2007 so far for me), and the upcoming Crysis are looking pretty good.
  6. Call of Duty 2 has an amazing SP mission
  7. Sorry, but Quake 3 was the best for FPS... hands down
  8. counter strike source all the way. online only though but lots of people out there.
  9. I'd have to go with Call of Duty 2, Chronicles of Riddick, and FEAR as my most recent favorite fps's. Currently playing Half Life2 and recommend that as well. Oldies but goodies include the original Doom and Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
  10. Far Cry is another game thats worth a try. Its a love-it-or-hate-it title, from a few years back, but its pretty awesome IMO. Battlefield 2 is a lil different than 2142, and would probably suit you well also :D
  11. Snowblind if you like Asian theamed FPS that are a few years old.
  12. I talking this fall- Bioshock, Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat and Crysis.
  13. Half Life 2, FEAR, Quake 4, Call of Duty (1,2, or expansion packs), and Prey (very short though) are all games that I think are pretty good.

    I will say to be weary of STALKER... Some people may love it, but I thought it was pretty terrible.
  14. Stalker isn't really a total fps there is quite a bit of rpg in it as well
  15. Far Cry , Doom 3, Quake 4, HL2(Too short but was fun. get hl1 if you want a longer game).

    There are lots of good FPS games out

    Damn, i need to go fps shopping. just wasting this 8800GTX here.....
  16. I loved the original Unreal. Now where did I put that flameproof vest? But seriously, it was such a beautiful game - that intro that swoops over the castle was just incredible at the time.

    Chronicles of Riddick was also a great game - especially after you finish the game and you get to hear the designers and programmers talk at length about how it was put together.

    Modern day - I really enjoyed Quake 4, great weapons and deliciously old school.
  17. To me I've tried alot of craap but counterstrike always brings me back...A game thats about a decade old is still tops with me,you'd think they could master an upgrade better than source...
  18. Turok for the n64 :kaola:
  19. I'm going to have to go for Stalker. True, the programming issues were horrible, but the degree of immersion was simply amazing. Incorporating the RPG elements really made it feel like you were scanvenging your way through the game's environment. Half-Life 2 was also great.
  20. Quake 4, UT2K4, Day of Defeat: Source, Counter Strike Source, GRAW 2, and F.E.A.R Combat (The free multiplayer version) are all great choices for multiplayer and for singleplayer GRAW 2 and FEAR as well with CoD2, HL2 (as well as the new episodes), and DooM 3 mixed in there.


  21. theuprightman24 said:
    What would you say is the best first person shooter game?
    So what would you recommend?

    I know it is new, but I would say my favorite FPS is "Insurgency", the new CSS Mod. I love the gameplay, and would encourage others to pick it up. (it's free)
  22. FEAR , HL2 , CoD1-2, STALKER were all a lot of fun for me. Enough story to feel like you are playing a real game (mebbe not STALKER as it was a bit confusing to follow imo storywise) and good gameplay all around. CoD1-2 were a bit short tho for me.
  23. I can't understand for the life of me why nobody has mentioned either tribes or tribes 2! What could possibly be cooler than flying around on a jetpack and nailing other guys out of midair with an exploding disk launcher?

    Other good shooters include Unreal Tournament (only the original), HL/HL2, the original Doom, MAYBE counterstrike. Quake 3 arena is also a great classic that is fun to play and requires some skill. However, if you want a nice free (as in free beer) game with updated graphics and game play that is more intense than Quake 3 arena, check out Warsow.

    None of these games will require you to go out and build an SLI system w/ two 8800GTXs (or some crossfire equivalent) and almost all of them can be found very cheaply now (or free in the case of warsow).

    I hope you check out these games because even though they are old, they are still good, and you really have nothing to lose by doing so.

  24. Scrabble is pretty good. Solitare is pretty kick-ass too.
  25. Quote:
    Currently, its Graw 2 for PC.

    Amen, absolutely loving this game ATM, haven't done much SP but it's the best online MP I've experienced.
  26. I would second the nomination for the original Unreal, that game was awesome. I thought STALKER was a little weak in all areas except atmosphere and graphics, where it was amazing. I liked Quake 4 a lot, too.

    But my very favorite FPS game is really the whole Marathon Trilogy. It's free (as in both beer and speech) nowadays; you can get it at
  27. Star Wars Battle Front.
  28. FAR CRY for offline - it's got the best mix of story and action and I've played through it twice. It's my favourite single player FPS since HL:Opposing Force.

    I don't play much online so for me offline;
    HL2 was interesting but I still haven't finished it because it bores me.
    Quake 4 wasn't bad but I was happy to finish it.
    Pariah was good but too short.
    Snowblind okay.
    Doom3 - monster closets are for bad game designers.
    Call of Duty & United offensive were pretty good.
    STALKER is too RPG'ish.
    Prey & FEAR I haven't played but Prey is next on my list to play after finishin STALKER.
    UT (any one) is good for some mindless action but is best online.
    Riddick just didn't get to the run & gun part ever.
    Did I mention I liked Far Cry?
  29. For tactical, I would say GRAW 2. Setting up a perfect cross-fire or sneak attack is rewarding.

    Run and gun, F.E.A.R.

    In between, Far Cry and the Call of Duty series.
  30. My favorite FPS of all time was Alien vs. Predator 2, great single player and multiplayer is fun if you can find people to play. Graphics don't look so good, hell they weren't so good back in 2002, but still lots of fun to be had.
  31. Best FPS fragfest is CS-source. Best FPS game is HL2.
  32. Having just finished FEAR I can thoroughly recommend it as a great offline game. Now onward (or backward) to Prey and maybe another go at STALKER.
  33. Enemy Territory !!!

    Played almost everyday few hours a day for last 4 years and still didnt get bored with it. Quake Wars is no no, too battlefieldish with huge maps and enemies 10000ft away in airplanes etc.

    FEAR is good

    COD- dont like how my hero runs and shoots ( comparing to ET ) but many good maps

    Quake 3 - classic
  34. I don't really play FPS, but I enjoyed Far Cry, Doom 3 and Quake 4.

    I prefer strategy games like Galactice Civ II and Civ IV. I like space sims too, currently playing X3: Reunion.

    But I am definitely going to pick up Crysis when it comes out.
  35. welllllllll Bioshock?? anyone!

    1) HL 1, 2 , ep1 ,and soon ep2 :D can't wait
    2) Bioshock
    3) Gears of war (if not limited to pc games)
    4) Call of Duty 3 and 4 coming out soon
    5) crysis ofcourse
    6) Fear enjoyed it, it was fun, but i didnt have the right pc at the time
  36. Depends on the type. Best twitch fps's are probably original Doom and Painkiller. Best story and atmosphere driven fps's are probably System Shock 2, Thief, HL. Best story driven game with rpg elements is Deus Ex hands down (one of the best games ever made imo). Stalker is decent as well.
  37. Single player: Half Life 2, no question. Far Cry deserves a mention, too. As does Bioshock.
  38. and, when it FINALLY comes out it LOOKS (we don't know) like crysis will be awesome
  39. Bioshock is pretty good
  40. thread is only 2 months old.. since he said he wants more maps in 2142, there's a mod, 2142 single player, i'm not really sure the name, 2142 multiplayer is boring enough. (probably, my boredom has to do with a map being white or brown).
  41. HL2 is very boring. The graphics and animation are nice, but it has very controlled gameplay situations, poor unsatisfying sound effects (espeacially weapons) and the only weapon I like is the revolver (more accurate than bolt crossbow).

    CS:S on the other hand has wonderfully satisfying weapons with meaty sound effects, which makes it a joy to play. It reminds me of playing table tennis, with similar skills involved.

    Bioshock is more like reading a scifi book. Its fasinating the first time round but I dont want to play it again. Now its just pretty to look at. The weapons are underpowered compared to the plasmids and I just used the Wrench most of the time.
  42. oswold said:
    HL2 is very boring.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I'm pretty sure you're in a tiny minority with that one.

    Didn't find it boring in the least. I'd consider it exquisitely paced, in fact.
  43. I love this video, not HL2, but FEAR, can't be boring! (i've only played the demo, no good video card yet!)

    I wonder what was his PACE.. his heart pace lol
  44. F.E.A.R., COD 2
  45. I enjoyed Soldier of Fortune... being able to blow limbs off was as much entertainment anyone could possibly ask for.

    Good story and graphics to boot.

    I should put that one back in and replay it.
  46. I am also a BF2142 BIG fan. May be we already kill each other? :)
  47. quite possible :lol: but I think I would have killed you :P :P :P
  48. battlefield 2, call of duty 2, chronicles of riddick is one of my fav too
  49. hmmm, SOF. The joy that was had with that game. Whenever I was in a bad mood would just turn it on, put it on super easy, and bust out the knife and cut people up. boy did that relieve some stress :)
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