XBMC on a touchscreen - How do I launch directly into library?

Hi all,

I am setting up a console using a Windows 7 machine with a touch-screen . I would like to be able to touch the icon for XBMC and have it go directly into the movies library without having to navigate through the home page. The only way I can see is to write a macro - however, I tried using Auto Hotkey and needless to say I am at a loss. Is there any easier way you can think of? (Or a super simple macro recorder, etc. that would do the job)?

This is my current desktop on the console:

I don't want it to go to the start page on XBMC. I am trying to set it up to have an icon for movies and an icon for TV shows, and launch directly there. This is what I am trying to accomplish:

I appreciate any advice
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  1. At a guess you might be able to start xbmc with parameters to skip to a specific library? Perhaps there is a skin available who's main page starts at a library. I'm not sure.

    Your best bet is to ask over at the XBMC forum.
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