Hard drive problems??

I've just bought a new 250gig seagate sata hd, my old 320 seagate was sent for a rma because of bad sectors. Now my new hd is actually doing the same thing that led me to believe my old 320 was going to die. I'll be doing anything and all of the sudden I will get 3 clicks and a ssssssss sound between each click then the pc shuts down. I turned off the shut down procedure in windows so it would give me a error code but now instead of shutting down I get "delayed write failure" this is why I took my old drive in but I've run the sea tools and it doesn't come up to fail so I'm not sure what the problem is now or if I just have bad luck and have 2 crappy hd's. could it be anything else? ps or something??

System specs
Antec 550 true power 2
striker extreme
C2D 6600 and Zalman 9700 @ 3.23 mhz
bfg 7800 gtx
x-fi extreme music
1 250 seagate sata
1 dvd burner
a few lights and case fans

I doubt the ps is under too much of a load but I don't really know enough about them to tell for sure

any thoughts??
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  1. The powersupply could be bad. A $10 tester at CompUSA will tell you if the +/-5v rail is within spec.

    Could also be the cable.

    Since you are hearing clicks from the hard drive (right?) and getting delayed write failure, it is possible you have a 2nd dead hard drive. It does happen!
  2. Well I have a tester at work but have been on holidays but will get that on monday, already swapped the cables with 5 different ones and my 1st set, my 320gig hd should be back within 2 weeks so hopefully it will be back in business.
    I have ran every HD tool and analyzer I could find and all have shown no errors. It just started happening out of the blue but I seem to remember dling the new nvidia driver so I switched to the new bioshock beta and haven't had a error since but I'm not too excited yet lol
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