Upgrade PCI card vs Network Repeater-Help Please

For gaming, I'm wondering if I would get better results upgrading my Wireless PCI adapter card, or buying a network repeater/extender? The router is on the other end of the house, passes through many rooms, and running a wire is sadly not an option. Also, as power line adapters seem to run a bit too steep for my tastes, right now, I'm stuck with these two options.

I'm trying to narrow down what's best before I dish out tomorrow for either/or, so I'd appreciate any input here.

Provider is Verizon Fios, current card is a TrendNet PCI.
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  1. Wireless isn't really the best for gaming -- the claimed speeds are mostly fiction due to the restrictions of the technology so while a new unit might improve things, it won't match wired.

    I think I would have another look at homeplug-type power line adapters -- there are various brands, though they are still quite expensive.
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