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After only a few hours of use (roughly 15 among the last 3 days) I just had a very big "scare" on my new pc system.

Suddenly, the 5.25" drive bay tec controller of my Vigor Monsoon II (http://www.vigorgaming.com/components/cmp_monsoonii_intel.html) shut down. Seeing that I immediately cut the power off my pc, and as I was sensing the smell of "burned hardware" I quickly opened up the pc casing and found that the source of the smell was the tec controller itself.

While I had my pc on I constantly checked my pc temperatures (not with the tec controller cpu temp display which is extremely innacurate) and they all hovered at a safe 40-45 for cpu on load, 35-40 for board and 55-60 for video card.

My PC specs are

evga 680i mobo
c2d e6600
evga 8800gts 640mb ko
crucial pc6400 2 gigs ram

I haven't turned on the pc again and the only change I made on the assembly was to remove the fried tec controller from the pc. Which brings me to my question:

Will the heatsink + fan work at all without the functional tec controller attached to it? I need to know that before powering the pc up again to see if the controller is indeed the only problem I have. The probable answer is yes but as I'm very scared to further increase the potential losses on my brand new PC I had to come here and ask this to make sure.

Thanks for reading.
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  1. I think they will not work because the controller doesn`t take care only for the display. It monitors and controls other stuff.
  2. According to your link, the 5.25 drivebay component controls the temp of the TEC.

    I see that the TEC is directly connected to it. CPUs are alot tougher than people give them credit for. Typically, under most circumstances, the CPU will just simply shut down if overheated. You usually only hear about CPU destruction when it invovles power surges or static electricity. You'll very rarely hear about a CPU melting. Of course that means you did not take the setting in the BIOS that shuts down the CPU when overheating, off.

    Are the fans connected to the motherboard via an auxillary fan connector or is it part of the wiring connected to the drivebay box?
  3. The Vigor Monsoon should work like a mediocre tower cooler without the tec. So while your temps would be higher than at first you should still be able to use your computer as long as your fan connector is plugged into your mobo and still operating.
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