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I have seen recently Sparkle video cards for cheap.
My question is that is this Sparkle making quality gpu-s or not. Is it worth to buy or not. Any experiences with them?
They are considerably cheaper then gigabyte or asus.
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  1. "They are considerably cheaper then gigabyte or asus."

    There might be a reason for that.
  2. Cheap dosent always mean bad pallit are a cheap board partner but i have only read good reviews (8+).
    Sorry i have no experiance of them myself you could try googling for reviews or most online shops include customer reviews you may be able to look at.
  3. aziraphale said:
    "They are considerably cheaper then gigabyte or asus."

    There might be a reason for that.

    Electronics (and that includes computers parts of course) is one area where paying for quality is a must. Yeah, you could get a cheaper mobo, PSU, GPU, but more often than not, you'll regret it sooner rather than later.

    aziraphale basically said it. There's probably a reason for it.

    Research, research, research.
  4. Thanks for the reply guys.
    I guess i will have to spend a few extra bucks, and a get a better brand so that i might not regret it. :))
  5. I've heard a lot of good things about Sparkle.

    Off of Techmessenger.com:
    SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd, established in 1982, is a high-end VGA card manufacturer and supplier to mainly provide NVIDIA series VGA card. With its strong R&D ability and investment in both hardware and software, Sparkle aims to provide the most price-competitive products while with best-in-class quality and service. Not only launch partner, Sparkle is also one of the certificated vendors of NVIDIA. Currently, SPARKLE products sell in more than 80 countries.

    Can't be all bad.
  6. Sparkle are a decent enough brand. Cards these days are usually only differentiated by the bundle they come with, perhaps some extras like better / quieter cooling solutions, pre-overclocks and the warranty.
  7. Ok, thanks guys. Anyway I am not willing to spend extra money on bundled apps or pre-oveclocked stuff, because i can do overclocks my self :)
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