Choosing a motherboard

I have a foxconn P4M800P7MA-RS2.

It has only 2 ddr and 2 ddr2 slots.

I have 1gb ddr2 kingston stick
I have 512mb(x2) ddr2 samsung sticks
I have 512mb(x2) ddr2 hynix sticks

Is there a motherboard that can support all the ram by any

Also I removed my AGP card and used the built-in vga on my board, but my memory space went down. Meaning that it was at 1022MB and now is 958MB.

Any help?
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  1. You'll find mobos that have 4 DIMM slots, but none that offer anything beyond that AFAIK. Your memory went down since the onboard video uses the PC's RAM as graphics memory.
  2. Which mobo should I get that support ddr2 and AGP that has 4 dimm slots
  3. try this one
    ASRock 4CoreDual-VSTA LGA 775 VIA PT880 Ultra ATX Intel Motherboard
  4. This mobo has only 2 ddr2 slots. I need 4 ddr2 slots on a mobo
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