Laptop switches off but lights stay on

hi. iv'e fixed many computers before but have never come across this, i was fixing my girlfriend's dad's laptop for him and it was fine. i just restored vista onto it using acer erecovery.
however, there has been another issue with it.
when i shut down the laptop now, it shuts down and then the monitor turns off as though it has succesfully shut down however the lights stay on on the laptop and i cannot turn it back on. the first time that i'm aware of this happening is when i was doing the erecovery but after several hours it came back on and erecovery suceeded.
it is an acer aspire 3050 running windows vista.

any help please? thankyou. this is urgent! :(
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  1. check the power options in control panel.make sure it is set to turn off when the power button is pressed and not sleep or hibernate ect.
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