Floppy Drive "Error" 40

I am getting a Floppy drive "error" (40) when I restart/boot up my pc. My PC stops at this point an prompts me to F1-to countinue or Del- to setup......

I have already checked my cables several times to make sure they where all secured.....everything was working eariler before I did some work on my PC. Like moving some cables around and taking some unused cables out.

Can someone help me with some ideas to fix this problem....hopefully , I didn't damage the MOBO side of Floppy Pins..

Thanks in advance

ps. I already discounnected the floppy cables to mobo & power...... and still getting same "error"
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  1. Maybe your cable is upside down. Try connecting it the other way.
  2. some floppy drive cables will let you plug them in backwards if your drive is getting power then flip the cable at the drive. the red stripe on the cable should be on the same side as the power connector
  3. Thanks for the info.....I switch cable around at the floppy side...everything is A-Okay.......The thing the got me is...I nevered discounnected cable at the floppy side just the mobo side...and it goes in only one-way there...but i un-installed it and swithed cable around as well....

    Thanks again..It's all working now
  4. guys i need help i get the error 40 message on boot but i have no floppy
  5. ^^ Disable it in the BIOS.
  6. MrLinux said:
    ^^ Disable it in the BIOS.
    thanks it worked
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