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OK. So I've been watching a series of tutorials to teach myself Java. These tutorials are here. , that is the first video of the basic series. However after watching these and getting half-way through the intermediate series, I've found that this guy doesn't do clean coding at all. I just want a very much more reliable source that will teach me, as in tell me what each function, method, utility, etc. does and when to use it. I would prefer this be in video format but I'm not against reading so that would also be helpful. Any help in finding a good series to improve my Java programming would be very much appreciated.
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  1. I prefer web based programming tutorials myself; much easier to copy and paste the code and directly test it for myself!
  2. I prefer learning new things, so any help.
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    Really what you want to do is look at the Java certification notes if you're not learning from an approved educational authority. The stuff that there is pretty anal about knowledge of the APIs for the examination, so if you're after the guts of when to use things, reading that will give you more information you'll need day to day.

    As for writing style you really want to look at Java best practices. A swift google search will give you a raft of websites to choose from. This site is pretty good but is probably far too specific if you're just starting out. Understanding Object Orientated design is essential if you haven't already grasped it.

    If you are serious about learning Java you will need to do more than just watching videos. You need to get your hands dirty with code. Try examples like Phil has mentioned, tweak them, try writing your own implementations of library functions.

    Best of luck!
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