Q6600 Reading only ONE CORE in Task Manager. Help Please

Hi All,,
Hi All
I just upgraded my PC to the Intel Q6600 Quad Core and Asus Striker Extreme Mobo with Vista Ultimate 32bit.

I installed the OS and everything was running fine.. The Experience Index showed all 5.9s. The Device Manager showed 4 Processors and the Task Manager had 4 CPUs in the CPU Usage History in the Performance Tab.

I had to re-install the OS because it seemed that i installed an incompatible virus scanner that messed up my system.

When i reinstalled the OS from scratch again, the index showed 4.4 for the Processor, the device manager still showed 4 processors, but the task manager showed only 1CPU. Ran SiSoft Sandra's XI SP4 benchmarks and the results were terrible.

Can anyone please tell me what i did wrong ?? is there anyway to fix this ??

im desperate. Please help.
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  1. Download cpu-z and see what it says you have:

  2. I downloaded CPU-Z and ran it and its giving me ONLY ONE CORE !!!
    WHAT TO DO ?
  3. goto your bios and look for it. you probably have it dissabled, or it could be that you need a bios update
  4. excuse me,, but can you be more specific ?? look for what in my bios ?
  5. Look to see if you cores are disabled or not. On some motherboard, and I believe the striker is one you can actually enable and disable certain cores. Also...like suggested before you may want to try a bios update.


  6. I don't have an answer, but if he saw 4 cores and than reloaded his OS how did his BIOS change?
    @OP What OS? I have seen problems with HAL but usually it is with a new CPU without an OS reload. In the event that the BIOS is causing it, reset the BIOS according to the manual
  7. If you upgrade then it's best to reinstall your OS. If you already did this then go to your BIOS and look at the ACPI settings this should be turned ON. I think if it's off then you wont have more than one core in xp.
    If you turn this option on then you will probably have to reinstall you os.
  8. Thanx all.

    I've solved the problem using the following steps:
    1) Updated my BIOS
    2) Disconnected the internet
    3) Installed the OS from scratch.
    4) Installed the drivers.
    5) reconnected the internet.
    6) updated the OS with the windows updates (Apparently those caused the conflict as to which driver to install prior to the other)

    Everything is running smooth now.

    Thanx again all.
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