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I think my motherboard in my emachine is dead. I have a amd 2800+ system. When I plug in the power cable into the psu, the mobo would power on (everything would be running) without me pushing the power button on the front of the case. I know this because I replaced the psu already and also the video output won't output any video/image on the monitor. So the question is - can I replace my mobo with a used one on ebay? I'm just concerned because it's from an emachine or else I would have already done it since I've heard a manufacturer's pc has proprietary parts so it's not user serviceable.
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  1. Is the "power on" button broken? Are you 100% sure you have everything hooked up correctly? Do you hear any beeps when the power comes on?
    What was happening that required a new power supply in the first place?
  2. Not too long ago there was a thread with the same question and I believe the consensus was that you'd have to replace it with the identical board as well as it would probably make more sense to build a new machine because of the likely cost. Sorry, don't remember the precise thread
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