Dell Dimension 5100 cpu upgrade question

My grandson has a Dell Dimension 5100 and wants to upgrade his cpu.
His original specs say he has a FC754, Processor, 80547, Pentium 4 Prescott DT, 2.8Ghz, 1 Megb, 533fsb, socket T, E0, Male.
He has 1gb ram memory and a 128mb nVidia 6600 video card.
He basically plays online games like Planetside on it.

What do we need to look for to replace such a cpu?
No sites we have visited show a relationship between computer and cpu to allow choosing.
Dell says (generically) that they put Intel Pentium 4 5xxx and 6xxx processors with Hyper-Threading technology in their Dell Dimension 5100s with 16kb level 1 cache and 1mb (5xxx) or 2mb (6xxx) level 2 cache ...but... their list of his components does not even mention a 5xxx or 6xxx number.

He found an Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 Allendale 2.0Ghz LGA 775 Processor at Newegg.
Will it work in his machine? and will it be better for gaming?
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  1. Maybe someone could look at your specs and advise you:

    The thing is it depends how you had the system configured when he got it.
  2. pull out the mobo too

    don't waste your time get a new system - build one from the ground up
  3. From what it sounds like, I would not go with dragonsprayer's suggestion. I myself built my system from the ground up. However, I am running high end components tailored to my specific needs. From what it seems, your grandson does not require an uber-fast computer. On the low end, you cannot compete with retailers such as Dell for building your own system. Thus, I would not suggest building a computer. Actually, for a simple processor upgrade, you have a fine system. The 945G Express chipset will allow you to upgrade to Core 2 Duo processors, such as the one you listed. However, combined with the fact that your front side bus is up to 1066, I would highly suggest acquiring an e6600 after the July 22 price drops, as you will benefit greatly from this enhanced FSB. If that price tag is too high (wait a few days after the drops to see what it is), then I suggest an e6420 or e6320, preferrably the 6420 as the prices are relatively close together. Both of these have the added advantage of Core 2 architecture combined with efficiency and a 1066 FSB. That e4400 is fine at $130. Actually, it is probably a better contender than the e6300 as it has a high clock speed but lower FSB. This FSB effects performance by something like 1%, not a big deal. For $130 that is a good deal. The e6420 is a great option as it has a higher clock and more cache, along with a greater FSB. The e6600 is probably the best in terms of performance. It offers excellent performance at a midranged price - the 4400 is just good performance at a great price. Hope this helped! Any other questions just ask.
  4. well, i dont think you can upgreade to a core 2 duo. i my self have a dell 5150 and you can not upgreade the processor i have a pentium d 820. and i wanted to grade the cpu but its not possible so it seems like you are going to be suck
  5. You're better off upgrading that video card and also the RAM. In gaming, often times you can get away with a mediocre processor if you have a good or even high end video card. Don't get me wrong, the 6600gt was a great card for its time but its aged enough that it huffs and puffs a little too much with newer titles. Get more RAM (2gig is the sweet spot). Right now DDR2 is really really cheap which is what your board uses so take advantage.
    Physically, your board would take a core 2 BUT I doubt that it will run it or run it at its proper FSB speed and therefore not at its proper clock speed. And besides, you would surely have to have a BIOS flash to support it which would have to get from Dell's website. If they don't have a BIOS flash that says it specifically supports the core 2 I have my doubts that you will be able to upgrade to it. Better off not even potentially wasting your time/money and just upgrade the vid card and the RAM. On a side should test different speeds of DDR RAM in your motherboard to see if your board will allow for higher speed RAM than what your computer came with to be used. Often times Dell and others put slower RAM in than what the board will actually use. You will have to take your current RAM out first because if you mix RAM speeds it will all default to the lower speed and you won't have your answer as to whether or not the board will support a higher speed RAM. I would try DDR2 667. It should support that.
  6. why can't he run Core 2 Duo "properly?" This chipset supports dual core and it has FSB up to 1066, which is what core 2's are. If someone is running a Pentium D especially, and the FSB ranges up to 1066 there won't be a problem. BIOS flash won't be necessary....he has FSB 1066. He just cannot get the newer 1333 CPU's but that wasn't even what we were talking about.
  7. I don't think that the Core 2 Duos will work on that board.
    The board, even though it is listed as a P945G chipset, was made prior to Core 2 Duos, and probably won't have the proper components to ensure that a Core 2 CPU will work on it.

    Best thing to do is either call Dell or email them if a Core 2 Duo is supported on the system. But I seriously doubt it.

    This is a quote from the Dell Forums about a 5100 CPU upgrade to a Core 2 Duo CPU.
    According to previous discussions in the Dimension - Upgrade Hardware forum, the 5100 model does not support Core 2 Duo processors regardless of the BIOS version installed.

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