need recommendations for a new dvd drive

I'm building a new computer, and am spending hours and hours searching for the best parts, and what i'm stuck on now is the dvd drive. I am purchasing a Pioneer Burner after reading the review on, but they do not have any for plain dvd-drives. any advice on which ones rip dvds fastest, or run quieter than others, etc? I think my choices are between ASUS, LG, and LITEON
thanks for all the help.

also, would it make a difference (for readers or writers) if i used SATA or IDE?

I appreciate all quick responses
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  1. yeah SATA is better and there isn't a much difference between DVD drives todays all performs really well speeds are the same .. From reliability i think ASUS is better and other brands are also good
  2. Performance wise, it makes no difference. Niether will max out there respective channel. For video, I do not use max record anyway, perfer quality over speed. Added coment - As to quality, It's more a function of Disk quality for Video.

    If you have a newer motherboard that only sports one IDE connector and have spare sata, I would opt for the sata. The smaller round cables offer better cable management and improved air flow in the case.

    Also, with Sata, if you put two burners, they are on there own channel And this still leaves the IDE port available for a legacy device ( I use it for a removable IDE HDD).

    As far as brand you might want to check out some of the forums as to reliability and compatability with given Motherboards (not so much of a problem with new boards).

    I have two Sata drives, a plextor 755 and a samsung 183 for about a year, no problems on either.

    Here's another link - it points to plextor, but you can select other brands.
  3. I on the other hand will say use IDE not much difference on speed. That'll give you extra SATA if you need to install extra hard drive or blu-ray later on. And I like Philips drive and LG. More quite when Boot up.
  4. one of the best burners you can buy is the samsung SH-S203B.
  5. Click here before you buy that samsung.

    This site has great reviews for burners etc...
    They seem to like the Samsung that skittle suggested too.
  6. Sata Drivers are cool for cable management, but that really is about all.
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