How to launch command prompt in laptop

i didnt find command prompt in my system
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  1. Click Start, in the "Start Search" text box type "cmd", without the quotes.
    This will launch "Command Prompt".
  2. Here is another quick Vista trick that will appeal to anyone who uses the Dos Command Prompt.

    Often when you have to drop to DOS you click on Start, Type cmd and hit enter (or select it from the menu). The problem is that it takes you to to some folder/ directory and now you need to navigate to the folder you actually want to be in ie. cd\whatever\somefolder

    With this little TIP you can drop to Command Prompt right to the folder you need to be in!
    Hold the SHIFT and then Right-Click on the folder that you want to access in the prompt.

    I hope this helps!

    Brett M,
    Windows Outreach Team
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