Trying to install win xp

I have this older gateway pc and I thought it was the hard drive because it was freezing up and it had few viruses. So I bought a new drive which is SATA old drive was IDE. While I'm trying to load windows xp on it it seems to lock up. I can leave it running in the BIOS screen for hrs.

I looked in BIOS for the CP core temp it's 43'C, the Voltage Main 12v is reading 11.90v.

I don't know what could be causing the pc to freeze up. I try to change out the memory but still no luck.

any ideas? Should I buy new CPU ....the CPU in the PC is an AMD Athlon 64 x2.

I rather not spent money since I can get a new cheapo laptop for $400 this pc is mainly wife's surf and blog pc.
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  1. Are you using the Gateway Recovery disks?
  2. If the XP you are trying to load is pre SP2 then it won't have SATA support. You'll need to load drivers from a floppy when installing.
  3. I'm trying to install win xp sp2

    I don't have the recovery disk for the gateway.

    I also get the same expierence when trying to use the old IDE drive.

    also when I try it with the SATA drive the BIOS can see the correct size and during the win xp install the drive size shows up correctly on the partitioning screen and format screen during the install.

    But when I use the old IDE drive which is 250gig during the BIOS only displays 137gig and during the win xp install I think it also displays 137gig but again this is with the old drive which is really wierd to me.
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