IDE/SATA conflict?

Hey all. Having a problem here that's probably a simple matter of finding the right setting in the BIOS but which, so far, has eluded me. Until last night, my system had two harddrives: an IDE drive with Windows Vista, documents, pictures, etc., and a SATA drive for gaming software. The system harddrive (IDE) died. Despite multiple attempts to find a workaround and backup the data, I couldn't even get the system to get move past the BIOS stage unless the system drive was physically removed (it wouldn't even boot from the Vista DVD in the DVDROM drive).

I have replaced it with a new SATA drive and installed windows, etc (so, there are two SATA drives, one for Windows and the other for gaming software). Now, when I try to put the IDE drive back into the mix to see if I can rescue any data off it, the system freezes again at the BIOS stage. I think for some reason the system is seeing the IDE drive as primary but I can't figure out how to get around that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

BTW (moment of stupidity), I'm using a DS3 motherboard.
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  1. Maybe you could purchase one of those IDE to USB converter cables from newegg. After you've booted into windows, then connect the hard drive via USB and pull the data off. Might be worth a shot. If it locks up the computer then, I'm afraid you'll need to use professional recovery services or just scrap the data.
  2. Hrm, interesting idea. I'll give that a try. I was thinking this had something to do with the mo-bo just giving the IDE priority for some reason but maybe it has nothing to do with that. Thanks. (Any other suggestions also welcome.) :)
  3. I just ran into the same problem and it was the cable.
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