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Hi, just wondered if I could pick some of your brains for a bit of help with Speedfan.

The setup I've got in my computer is that I have 3 case fans & the CPU cooler. The CPU cooler is connected directly to the mobo, the other 3 fans are connected to the only CaseFan connector on my mobo using a 3 way adapter shown below.


Now the problem is that it is displaying the speed of both the CPU fan and the group of case fans correctly (all 3 case fans are running at the same speed).

However, when I try and change the speeds for both fans, it changes the CPU fan speed fine but is having absolutely no effect on the 3 fans on one cable. Does anybody know why this is happening and what I can do about it?

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  1. Ok, just actually set the cable up as it should be done, with the CPU fan & 2 case fans connected to the cable, and then that connected to the CPUFan slot on the mobo and it still doesn't work properly.

    The single case fan that is connected to the CaseFan connector on the mobo is displaying the correct speed and adjusting properly but the problem is with the other one again.

    Speedfan is displaying the speed of the CPU fan properly and when I adjust the speed it is working, the speed of the CPU fan changes, but the two case fans connected to the CPUFan slot via the cable don't change.
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