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General Overclock questions from a first timer

Last response: in Overclocking
August 7, 2007 4:30:54 AM

I think i have a pretty good grasp on overclocking, but i have a few questions for some of you veterans and experts. I keep reading that by overclocking through the fsb, you are overclocking all other parts of your mobo. It makes sense that the ram gets overclocked and all, but does overclocking the fsb overclock your graphics card and your pcie slots and your pci slots as well?

Secondly, i am considering a q6600 on a 680 sli board. My goal is to go to 3.0 ghz on it which would mean i would need to up the 1066 fsb to 1333, which with the stock multiplier of 9 should take me to 3.0 ghz correct? My question is, i was planning on going with ddr2800 because that seems to be what everyone uses, but with these numbers at 3.0 ghz, and assuming i should run a 1:1 ram:fsb ratio because i keep hearing that this is the optimal situation, my ram would be running at 400mhz instead of the 333 that would keep it at 1:1. Would it be better to get ddr2667 so the peak ram speed will equate with my fsb, because i don't plan on going past 3.0ghz. Or is it ok to run the ddr2800 at less than its rated at, or is the whole 1:1 benefit not a big deal and could run the ram faster than cpu/fsb? Hope that all my ramblings made sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I looking to make sure i have as much info as possible before i pull the trigger on this new rig.
August 8, 2007 8:20:48 AM

Generally, the PCI bus speeds are separate from the FSB, and not subject to overclock, unless you manually overclock them.

To get your 3Ghz goal, you would need to up your FSB to 333 Mhz, or 1333 effectively. If you have a 1:1 FSB/RAM ratio, then your RAM will also be running at the same speed your FSB is. In this case, the ram would be at 333 Mhz as well.

DDR2 800 is rated to run at 400 Mhz. To underclock it does no harm. In fact, a benefit of this would be that you could tighten the ram timings while underclocking. If you use DDR2 667, you most likely would have issues with tightening your memory timings while running at that speed.

Generally, running 1:1 is the simplest way to overclock. If you want to run your memory asynchronously with your FSB, the best way is to run 2 steps higher with your memory, than the FSB. For example, if your FSB is 266, then you would step up 2 steps, past 333, to 400 mhz. Anything less than 2 steps usually runs as degraded performance than normal 1:1 speeds would get.