Reloading back up discs of data from an older mother board that's b een replaced

Hello,how does one reload backed up music, pictures and documents, after the mother board has been replaced with a new one?
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  1. Go to the backup application and select "Restore my files".
  2. The replacement of the motherboard has no effect on your data, so it depends what was done to require it to be reloaded. Did you format the drive?
    Did you make a backup to another source, if so how?
  3. :o Had incorrectly believed that my backup discs had been reloaded, and they weren't,
    so my 10GB took about 1 hour to reload and now they're all back on my computer.Now my new problem is that my HP scanjet 3970 and officejet 4315 all-in-one dont seem to get along with my HP Pavilion 6650dxus, so sometimes they print pictures on paper, and never print other items; plus the scanjet will not copy anyting to the computer, as it once did. Now an empty box comes up and asks which program I want it to use; but it shows no progams to select from. Thanks for the backup soljutions, any hope with the new problems,.res;pecctfullhy,
  4. Download the printer and scanner drivers or get the installation disk that came with them and reinstall (might have to uninstall them first and then reinstall) - most likely some of the registry entries are incorrect and reinstalling will fix it.
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