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After installing Cisco AnyConnect Start Before Logon (SBL) , XP machine now has three added "tasks" (applying network settings, applying computer settings, running computer scripts) . There is a long 3 minute delay at "applying computer settings" BEFORE the logon screen even appears. removing the Cisco ANyConnect SBL and then removing the Cisco ANyconnect software completely still has the 3 mintue delay "applying computer settings". The three "tasks" do not go away. A Machine that does NOT have the Cisco SBL added does not exhibit this behavior. it takes a clean machine less than 15 seconds to present the logon screen
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  1. uninstall this if not needed

    use tuneup utilites to do these
    clean registry
    defragment registry
    disable any unwanted startup programs
    check your hard disk drive
    defragment your hard disk drive
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