i'm trying to create the best config for video editing and picture editing, plus overall desktop preformance.
i was thinking to get 4 drives:
2 15k seagate scsi 36GB and work them on raid
and 2 7k 250GB sata2 and work them in the same way.

my question is if it's possible?
would it give the best results?
and if i need controlers to do so?

tnx alot,
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  1. possible, expensive (scsi) and maybe insufficient capacity (250Gb x 2). I would also advise to take a look at the newer 500Gb-1Tb drives from WD and Hitachi that seem to be at the top end of the performance range.

    Also, of course, you would need a scsi RAID controller.

    I am not sure overall, scsi is justified - that's an expensive enterprise level solution. It i fast, though. But what would you use it for? Do the system install on there and do editing on the SCSI volume? OS-wise, I'm not sure it is worth it that much. If the video-editing from that volume - why RAID the other two? And SCSI drives are small in capacity, so that may not be sufficient. Last but not least, maybe it's worth to add a non-raid volume for storing the data, unless you back it up extensively...

    My $0.02
  2. With video the 36GB won't be much storage, and if you keep the files on the big drive & then copy them to the scsi for video editing and copy the results back afterward, add that to the total time required for the task.
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