help buying new graphics, 2900xt or 8800gts or 8800gtx

Looking to upgrade my 7900gtx. I have a core 2 duo e6700, 4gig ddr2 800 OCZ ram, 600 w power supply, Lexa nxzt case and a 22' LG widescreen LCD monitor. Do I really nead a 8800gtx or will the 8800gts or 2900xt do, which should I go for. Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions.
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  1. IF you can afford it 8800 gtx no brainer otherwise , the gts 640mb on that monitor , cant comment on the 2900xt , all i know is that it runs on huge power and gets hot .
  2. Depends on the resolution you like to play at. The higher the res, the more graphic memory you'll want. A 8800 GTS is good all around, but GTX prices are coming down. I think I've seen an 8800 GTX for $486 on Newegg.

    Check the VGA charts and look at where things fall at the appropriate rez for you.
  3. I would get a 8800gts 6400 and over clock it yourself you can get them pree-overclocked but unless your nervous about doing this yourself there is no reason to spend the extra.
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