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Svchost.exe was blocked by Malwarebytes

I recently installed malwarebytes anti-malware and it runs in background.
Today it popped a balloon showing that it successfully blocked a connection to a potentially harmful site. Type: incoming and Process: svchost.exe
Now, that is a system process.
How can that connect to a potentially harmful site???
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    MB is little paranoid, about blocked websites. U can use Process Explorer to identify the process. It is safe process required to run.
  2. Alright, looks like MB is xtra cautious...
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  4. hey now it is showing that it blocked a connection by iexplorer (internet explorer) wth....
  5. Yeah, it is doing all day every day : ) Some websites get on the list of 'not good' sites.

    It showed me once yahoo/sport/ as one of them : )

    I use it as a scanner, it is not running all the time.
  6. Thanx for the vote fasihxkhatib : )
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