My computer wont stop restarting

My computer (laptop) wont stop restarting and the only way it will work (like right now) is in safe mode.
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  1. Did this happen after a new software or driver was installed?
    In that case uninstall it while in Safe mode.
    Or when it boots up, press F8 and try selecting the option to boot from "Last known Good Configuration"
  2. There was no new hardware installed. Ive tried to boot from last known config. and also restoring but no such luck
  3. In safe mode go to Control panel/ system/ system properties/ advanced/startup and recovery. Uncheck the box that says automatically restart after sytem failure. instead of rebooting all the time it will now stop on a screen giving some details of what the fault is and give an indication of what to do to fix it
  4. Ive tried turning off the restart after system failure but it didnt pop up with the code or even the blue screen...just still kept restarting. Buwish I will check out the link and see what happens there. Thanks everybody for your input
  5. I had the same problem until I noticed that one of the usb connectors on the front was shorted. I disconnected it until I got another and bingo fixed!!! maybe its the same?
  6. I will check that out..Its worth a try
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