xfx 8600GT overheating

I have the following config
p4 3Ghz HT
intel d101ggc motherboard
1gb ddr @ 400Mhz
xfx 8600GT
some stupid cabby.

I use the PC mainly for hearing to music.its holiday time for me now , i wanted to play a few games like fifa07 , prince of persia warrior within and nfs carbon .my holidays end by september .i have a CRT monitor ( 17' ) and so i dont use resolutions more than 1024*768 .since i was going to play games for only 2 months , i decided to buy the 8600GT ( i cudnt get the 7900 or 7800 series where i live and besides i dont care about much eye candy and it was only for 2 months ) . I bought the card in the first week of july . I havent overclocked it.The card is at 67C in idle and while playing nfs carbon the peak is 104C and mostly stays between 90-100C . I used nTune , RivaTuner and AtiTool to see the temps and they are all very consistent .And also , the sides of the cabby are way too hot and the PCB of the gfx card is very difficult to touch even after shutting down the PC . I tied the cables and cleaned the cabby . I will install an exhaust fan .But i am not sure whether this will help . What can i do for this overheating problem ?

Sorry for making a long post ...
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  1. You will install an exhaust fan...meaning there isn't one now? No wonder it's hot. You need good airflow through your case. If there's room, install a lower front intake fan and an upper rear exhaust. You may also want to consider adding a PCI slot blower next to that GPU.
  2. to tell you the truth , i am a complete noob in these harware things..i had to get a friend of mine to put the graphics card after i bought it . But i am pretty sure my cabby doesnt have holes in the front to put a inlet fan . I am waiting for someone to help me to put a exhaust fan . Can you tell me how . I can put the four screws , but how do i give power to the fan ? I'm sorry , but i am a total noob.

    I used a antique table fan . I opened the case and directed it straight to the g-card but temp reduced only by about 10C .This was discouraging me. Hence, i was wondering if a exhaust fan would help ?
    Thanks a lot.
  3. Is it passive cooled? If it is you really need good airflow try mounting a fan over the heatsink.
  4. no , its not passive cooled . it only has a fan .
  5. ok . i got that exhaust fan . . still same temps almost. i think i shud get it replaced . .what do u say ?
  6. Did you buy the 8600GT new, or used? If new, and not overclocked, it should not get so hot. Is the fan on your 8600GT working? Idling at 67C is absurd. Perhaps the heat sink was not mounted correctly. There are better aftermarket fans available that may help. Zalman and Zerotherm both make some orb-style VGA coolers that are quiet and work well. For your whole case to get that hot also makes me wonder if the PSU is up to the job. What brand and model is it, and is its fan working?
  7. I have the same vid card xfx 8600gt non-overclocked and it runs at 53 idle and 80 load in a case w/ some pretty decent airflow (2 120mm fans, 1 80mm fan, 1 pci fan, and a fan on the vid card). I am thinking that the card just kinda runs hot. If your case's airflow isn't that good, i can understand your temps because mine are close to that w/ really good airflow. If you only need it for 2 months; wouldn't worry about it. It'll be just fine for that long (temps will hurt the lifespan, but it can run at 90 degrees fine for many months). If you wanted to get a cooler, i would recommend not going w/a pci slot cooler (mine is trash) and instead get a zalman fan on that puppy and u'll see temps drop pretty decent. GL to ya!
  8. its new and it isnt OCed . the fan over the gpu is spinning but dunno if at the right speed as nTUne says its 18 RPM . if there is a problem with the heatsink , then can i apply for RMA ? the psu is not the culprit . i changed it once too .
  9. 18 RPM? Was that a typo? That is not right at all. 1800 I'd believe, but not 18. That's way too slow.
  10. no that wasnt a typo . gpu fan speed was show as 18 RPM and system fan speed was shown a 39981 RPM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . but i saw that the fan was spinning but cudnt make out the speed , but certainly it was more than 18 RPM . .but it wasnt blowing hot air at all . .
  11. Sounds like your monitoring software can't be trusted, or the card is defective, or both. An aftermarket cooler may address the symptoms, but not necessarily cure the disease. RMA the card if you can.
  12. ok . thanks .
  13. okay why is it that every where i read on the net every one say there 8600gt is aroun 53 degress plus and up to 80 on load. i have the XFX 8600GT with Zalman cooler on it from XFX and pre-overclocker by them.

    now downloading the Riva tuner i have overcloked to 885 mem clk/coreclk 715 and shader clk to 1728 and ahve done more but dotn want to burn the card and my idel tem p is 42 and when playing games like call do duty 4 i get to 45 - 53 max so it depends on the airflow in ur case and u set it up

    -2 x 80mm led akasa fan
    -120mm Uv exhaust fan
    -80mm led side window case placed in the middle of the window case so it over my Zalaman 9500 cpu cooler adding more aire for cpu and chipset cooling.
    -and a optional fan fro my motherbaord heatsink that came with my ASUS M2N32 - SLi deluxe taht has a RMp of 3000+

    Rig spec
    AMD X2 6400+ athlon 64
    ASUS M2N32 - SLi deluxe
    Zalaman 9500
    250g HDD
    XFX 8600GT + zalamn cooler pre-overclocked.
    LG 22" FLATRON (3000:1 contrast) 2milli sec response.
  14. thanks. i got the card rma'd months and my problem is solved. . idle - 57C . load - 75C ( max 77C i saw .. most of the times 73-75C )
  15. What Rma means pls help.Thanks
  16. What Rma means?.Thanks
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