Laptop shutting down , now not loading xp at all.

hello , iv been having a very annoying problem with my laptop that just started happening. first it would just randomly shut down , with less time between , now it wont load xp at all , gets stuck at thepart where your supposed to choose boot options , i try the cd but the laptop turns off as soon as it gets to the starting windows status. hardrive is not bad , i changed ram , i cleaned fan , etc after a bit of trying to boot i got a message saying operating system not found. i figure i may have a corrupt boot.ini file or something. i need help , i really dont know what to do.
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  1. Can you access the safe mode menu or the BIOS?

    Do you have a restore partition?

    Double check to make sure your hard drive is connected securely. I have one that, occasionally, likes to come unplugged.
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