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Hey everyone, I'm at the last stages of my first custom pc build. I'm waiting for my e6750 to come and then I'm putting everything together. But I still have a question on my monitor. ATM i have a 17" LCD HP monitor, it isn't great but not horrendous. I was thinking about maybe getting a 22" LCD. If anyone has it, how much of a gain is it in terms of gaming? As in how much better the extra res. is? Here are my specs:
p965-ds3 3.3
OCZ Reaper 2gb ddr2 800
eVGA 8800 GTS 320mb
Antec 900
Zalman CNPS 9500
Samsung Spinpoint T 500gb SATA
2 x DVD writers 20x SATA
Media reader
OCZ 600w

And also, would my set up be able to handle almost any game with all the eye candy turned up to a high resolution(above 1280*1024)? If so, can anyone recommend good (but cheap, ~200) LCD's? Thank you in advance.
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  1. I'm getting the

    It's a 22" and has a max res of 1680 x 1050, which should look pretty damn good compared to that old 17". I'm also ordering a system very similar to yours, and from what I read it will run pretty much everything out right now at nearly if not max settings.
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