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Hello, I am hoping someone can help me setting up an external hard drive..I recently purchased a CoolMax 3.5 HDD Enclosure & I am having some trouble setting it up..right now XP cant seem to find it..I went under computer/disk management but it looks like the drive is not there..any help would be much appreciated
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  1. When you plugged it in and powered it up, did XP recognize that you had attached a USB device?
    Are your USB ports at 2.0, or still 1.1?
  2. Do you have the HD-389-U2 ( If so it is suspiciously like the NGear one I bought ( that cam DOA and did what you said - didn't show up in comp management in XP nor Vista (nor Linux). These are total junk so I'll spend more next time.

  3. When you plugged it in and powered it up XP did not recognize that that I had attached a USB device..I believe my usb ports are still 1.1 but I not 100% sure.
  4. some one told me that I need to format the old drive but I am not sure how to do that since my computer cant seem to find it
  5. Whether USB 1.1 or 2, the drive should still show up in
    Computer Management > Storage > Disk Management
    if it works. From there you can format it.

  6. If the enclosure requires USB 2.0 and his ports are 1.1, it quite possibly would not show up. Seems to me I had this problem a couple of years ago.
  7. Most of these replies assume you are connecting via a USB port and the operating system should find it there. My external enclosure is connected to my mobo's eSATA port, so I had to enable that port in the BIOS setup. The operating system just sees it as another SATA drive. The fun part is: it is there or not there, depending on whether I turn it on or off, because eSATA supports hot swapping. Win XP Pro is completely happy with that deal.
  8. lets just say that the enclosure has USB 2.0 shouldn't it still be able to be connected to a 1.1 port?
  9. Not necessarily. If you can, try it on another PC or laptop with a USB port you know is 2.0.
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