Dual Barracudas vs Barracuda/Raptor

I am building a sub $2K Rig, with a P182 case, asus P5k mobo, 8800GTX...

Which config is better?=, if I want a decent speed increase and stability?

And if I get the dual seagates, should I do RAID 0, or RAID 1?.....and what's RAID 0+1?
OR just JBOD......
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  1. Well, RAID 0+1 does what is sounds like it would do. It would require 4 drives, you would end up with a mirrored pair of stripped drives.

    For speed, it is debatable whether a RAID 0 pair of 7.2k drives or the Raptor is faster. But a RAID 0 configuration increase your likelyhood of data loss. Because if one drive fail the array fails.

    Its up to you, but my recommendation is to get two Raptors in a Raid 0, with a Seagate as a backup drive. This is one of the fastest configurations and can be safe, as long as you remember to backup often.
  2. agreeing with nerk69, theres no point in comparing raid 0 of two different rpm hdds. raptors will make for a more responsive system over the span of the whole hdd due to its higher rpms, negating the need to defrag nearly as often even, whereas new 7200s will only be close to on par in much smaller partitioning/sectioning of a much larger platter hdd, thanks to high density PMR in a desktop situation (74GB raptor platters compared to 200GB or so 7200 platters). the 7200 partitions would essentially each be about the same size as a raptor more or less to attain close to the same performance, to make up for the RPM difference, ironically. especially the closer you are towards the beginning of the hdd as thats the fastest portion, where higher density maximum transfer rates are all youll get, and in effect, a more responsive system. (the same performance situation also applies to raptors, but you dont hear about many people partitioning raptors for performance reasons, simply because of their already comparably smaller capacity)

    so, for an OS and applications, the fastest sata hdd is to always recommend a raptor due to its faster random access times, single or raided. but if you cant afford the raptor, just go with a single or raided large platter 7200. it doesnt seem cost is an issue though, so either way.

    as far as stability is concerned, the first place is to look at the warranty... a longer warranty essentially would equal higher reliability, in that youll just be able to get a same replacement/newer replacement hdd at no cost (low cost if youre paying for shipping). beyond that, reliability is questionable for all hdds.

    IMO, i would forego raid of any kind altogether, unless youre intending to run a server of some kind, where minimum downtime is crucial. and even then, as was mentioned, backing up important data regularly is essential.
  3. I suggest 3 Raptors RAID 5. This is just my liking.

    Why I like RAID 5 more. My wife is always taking pictures of our son and doing random things on the computer. I would need to copy data all day long just to keep up with all the changes she makes. Raid 5 does it for me.
  4. Wish I could get 3 raptors.....most I could get is one, and that's only at a discount from a friend (74gb for 75$)

    How bout I just go with a Seagate500GB sataII?.....will that be better?
  5. There'sa good deal at egg for the 500gb - 95$ shipped...should I get it.....?
  6. It depends what you want really. The new WD caviar SE have higher write/read performance then the raptors...This is only useful for very large files though. But the only reason it can write/read faster is due to PMR technology which the raptors don't have. The raptor is still a better drive due to IO and many other important factors but the caviars are a nice buy.

    But overall it's up to you. For me I love seagate. I've had 4 seagate drives...2 of them I've had for a year...the other 2 for 5-6 years now..They still work perfectly....I've had my share of problems with WD in the past...few have died in 3-4 years...

    WD drives have a 3 year warranty for most while seagate has 5....Never buy a maxtor though..even though Seagate just bought the company there are a lot of real maxtor drives out there...I've had 4 and they have all died relatively quick..within a 1-2 year period..they are garbage...
  7. I want a fast,quiet drive....I' m going to do programming (C++/Java compiling), Web Design (ColdFusion/Dreamweaver), some graphics editing, major gaming (FPSs/MMORPGs), Encoding DVDs/Music...and the odd movie or two...

    Is one 500GB baracuda SATAII 7200.10 ~95$ worth it more than two 320GB each ~75$?

    Will they both perform the same?



    Also...75$ for a 74GB Raptor....worth it..?...how much is it faster in games?

    Also, heard something about 7200.11..when's it out..?
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