8600 gts or x1950 pro in 1024x768 without fsa

I want to buy a new vid card and i was thinking to get a 8600 gts or a x1950 pro.
I know that the x1950 is beating the 8600 gts in higher rezolution with fsa turned on...
I have a 17" crt monitor and I play in 1024x768. In some games the gts beated in newer games the x1950 pro in low rezolution without fsa, and it and it needs less power then the x1950.
So is the 8600 gts better for me then the less expensive x1950 pro??? :bounce:
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  1. The X1950Pro rapes the 8600GTS overall, don't buy any midrange GF8 or HD 2600s, either buy X1950Pro/XT or jump to the 8800s
  2. Whats te rest of your system like.
    What psu do you have(how many watts)also amps on +12volt rail this will be written on the side of the psu or you can google it if you know the make and model.
    I wouldnt even consider the 8600 for gaming.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I have an raidmax psu 520w 24a on 12v rail. Is that good enough? Anyway how god psu maker is this Raidmax, anyone heard of it, used it? So far I have no problems with it :)
  4. Raidmax sells low quality PSUs (like really REALLY low quality ones), I wouldn't trust a light bulb, let alone a decent video card on it.
  5. And what do you think about Recom??? Is that a better maker???
  6. Not really, never heard of them and sounds like a cheap brand. Try to stick with Antec, Seasonic, Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, Enermax, Silverstone, Thermaltake, and OCZ. Preferably the models that have over a $90 price tag on them should be good enough to meet most gamer's needs.
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