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Sogtware to control computer usage

i want to install some software to prevent use of utorrent for children. any software which can password protect utorrent?
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    How about you password protect your admin account, and don't give the children admin rights on their accounts.
  2. i live in hostel and my room mates use my account so i cant create new accounts for them. we all use the same account and most of the time they use my pc because i remain busy
  3. i want that torrent should be running all the time.........
    if i create new accounts does the torrent running?
  4. You can create new user accounts, and only allow certain software to be seen by the other user accounts.
  5. @Milky - be careful with these "spy tools".. There are legislations where your wife can sue you if she (or her lawyer) get you spying thru computer.

    And honestly - what will change if you catch your wife cheating?
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