intel wasn't joking... muhuahuahuah

at least not here :D
similar results with you guys?

now just wait until x38 comes out... :pt1cable:
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  1. I have no idea what this post is about.
  2. Ya...i vote with Spikke.

    I can't wait for the x38! It's going to be fantastical! It will probably have c! cache and run at qx5 Ghz! It will be the fastest ploob ever seen!
  3. I think he means the price.
  4. i posted this on july 22nd...
    is it really that hard?
  5. 2950xtx crossfire fTW!! rofl..

    isnt the x38 the first one to have 16x16?

    i think itll get interesting when theyre larrabee gets out :ouch:
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