mid-range gaming build. 650 budget.

Hello all, semi-noob here. I'm fairly experienced with computer parts so I figured I'd build my own rig for once. Though I did not know how complex it was going to be lol. I have been out of the hardware game since I purchased my current setup in October 2003. My goal now is to be able to play Crysis and BioShock. I'm not much of a graph-whore, but I would like to enjoy it ya dig? So here it is. I have a budget of 650 USD. I figure that's a decent bit to work with to achieve a BioShockable PC :). If possible, I was thinking just to buy a couple components to addon, but my mobo is quite old (DDR, AGP 8X). Thanks so much in advance for any information and advice.

Current Rig:
AMD Athlon 64 3200+
2GB DDR400 PC3200
120 HD 4200RPM
GA K8N PRO mobo
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  1. About the only parts you could use with a new mobo would be your hdd, optical drive, and sound card, you'll need to get a mobo, CPU, and video card. If you have a mfg computer, e.g., Dell, HP, etc, you should really get a new case and PSU. If your hdd is the one that came with the machine, be a good idea to get a new one given it would be 5 years old. You're likely to have to get Windows as well unless you have one other than the one that came with the machine. If you need everything, you're probably best going with AMD. If just the mobo, CPU, and video card, you could afford to go with Intel.
  2. thanks for the reply man. i bought my pc from ibuypower, i have a open window case so it should do. my sound (creative audigy 2 zs) card and network card should also be good. also, do you think my build below will suffice for BioShock and Crysis, i mean could i at least play them? ok, heres a revision of my build.

    CPU: AMD 64 X2 4600+

    Mobo: AUS M2A-MVP 480X or ASUS M2A-VM 690G

    Video Card: ATI HIS RADEON HD 2600XT 512 MB


    RAM:OCz Platinum 2GB DDR2 800

    PSU: ROSEWILL RP550 ATX V1.3/EPS12V 550w

    = $550
  3. Of the 2 mobo boards I'd go with the M2A-MVP because you don't need on board video and it has firewire. I like ASUS but unless I'm getting a board with on board video, I always get one with 3 PCI slots because most cards are still PCI. I've noticed most people on this site don't think highly of Rosewell PSUs but I have no personal experience with them other than building a machine for a grandkid using a Rosewell case but he's 10 so not a heavy duty user. I like Antec but they are are more expensive. Don't game and can't comment of that. Did see reviews on that video card in the last couple of days on this site and extremetech, suggest you check them out.
  4. I agree with most of the above buld but drop the 2600XT. There's just no way that card will run DX10 games decently. You can get a X1950pro for around the same price range that would give you much better performance.

    Rosewill PSUs aren't really that bad but they aren't the best.
  5. Agree with Turboflame.

    A safer choice for the PSU would be one from FSP. This 450W unit:

    ...sho uld do, for $58.
  6. thanks for the replies guys. ok here i have a revised build. let me know what you think.

    CPU: AMD 64 X2 4600+

    Vid Card: RADEON X1950XT 256MB

    PSU: FSP 450w

    Mobo: ASUS M2A-MVP 480X

    RAM: OCz Gold 2GB

    HD:WD Caviar 200GB

    = $587
  7. Looks good. Given how cheap hdds are I've been getting a small one, bit more than $40 for an 80 GB Seagate for the OS and programs and a bigger one for storage. That way when Windows goes south or a problem develops with the OS hdd, don't have to worry about data
  8. http://www.digitalbattle.com/2007/07/09/bioshock-system-requirements-released/
    Minimum Requirements

    CPU - Pentium 4 2.4GHz Single Core processor
    System RAM - 1GB
    Video Card - Direct X 9.0c compliant video card with 128MB RAM (NVIDIA 6600 or better/ATI X1300 or better, excluding ATI X1550).
    Sound Card - 100% direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
    Hard disc space - 8GB free space

    Recommended Requirements
    CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo processor
    System RAM - 2GB
    Video card - DX9 - Direct X 9.0c compliant video card with 512MB RAM (NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GT or better) / DX10 - NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or better
    Sound Card - Sound Blaster X-Fi series (Optimized for use with Creative Labs EAX ADVANCED HD 4.0 or EAX ADVANCED HD 5.0 compatible sound cards)



    Minimum Requirements

    CPU: Athlon 64 3000+/Intel 2.8ghz
    Graphics: Nvidia 6600/X800GTO (SM 2.0)
    RAM: 768Mb/1Gb on Windows Vista
    HDD: 6GB
    Internet: 256k+
    Optical Drive: DVD
    Software: DX9.0c with Windows XP

    Recommended Requirements

    CPU: Dual-core CPU (Athlon X2/Pentium D)
    Graphics: Nvidia 7800GTX/ATI X1800XT (SM 3.0) or DX10 equivalent
    RAM: 1.5Gb
    HDD: 6GB
    Internet: 512k+ (128k+ upstream)
    Optical Drive: DVD
    Software: DX10 with Windows Vista
  9. hmmm, looks like my build will suffice to at least enjoy crysis and bioshock. im going to look into the 7900gt 512mb though. thanks for replies all.
  10. "excellent choice, good Sir"
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