HIS Radeon X 1650 Pro IceQ II 512MB AGP

I just bought the above mentioned card to replace a 9800 Pro. I use my system for gaming mostly, World of Warcraft. After I used the most resent drivers from the ATI site for the install, I loaded into the game only to find my FPS at about 22 and dropping as low as 9 when I was used to 40 FPS to 60 FPS. I tried uninstall the drivers and install the ones included with card, thinking because it was a 3rd party card maybe they had specific drivers for their product, however that made no difference. When I compare the stats on this card to my old Raedon 9800 Pro it should out perform or at least be equivilent. Any suggestions would be more than appreciated.
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  1. Ok so whats the rest of your system like include psu please.
    Of the cuff i would say it could be that the 9800 was running sm2 and the 1650 is running sm3 pos hddr as well so its capable of doing more visually /quality wise but is slower.
    Sometimes it can be game specific does it perform the same in other games.
    Should know more after seeing your specs.
  2. I agree with mactronix, the game may have changed the default settings when it detected the new card (especially noting things like more mVRAM or SM3.0 suppoort) and it may have changed the workload, and now may be rendering more visuals which you may or may not notice.

    It could be a driver bug, but I have a feeling it's a change in default settings.
  3. The game reset all video settings to default, however I went in and lowered everything, even though I used to play at default settings, to the minimums as a result of the low FPS and still there was no improvement. I was thinking about returning the ATI card and installing e-GeForce 7800 GS Superclocked thinking this may be a compatibility issue and this card my actually work as advertised.
  4. Dunno, could help, but looks more like a glitch than anything else. But if you can find a GF7800GS for the same price it should outperform the X1650Pro more times than not.
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