The name is already in use as either a service name or a service display name

Happened after a Windows Update.....Acer Aspire 5100
After the update I restarted and then a windows says Found New Hardware window with the option of installing, doing it later or don't ask me again. If I try to install I get the message:

Windows encountered a problem installing eh driver software for your device
Windows encountered an error while attempting to install it

ATI 4379 Serial ATA Controller

The name is already in use as either a service name or a service display name.

When I restart it won't boot, if I go into Startup Repair it won't repair.

I can hit F8 and select Last Good Configuration.. and that will boot me into Vista and the same thing happens again. Found New Hardware...

When the Found New Hardware window appears another window appears that says:
Microsoft Windows window appears with "You must restart your computer to apply these changes"

I've done the loop several times, read numerous posts on using a Vista CD to boot to , etc. and have tried everything I've read but have had no luck.
I would like to delete something here, but not sure what. Found a post talking about deleting a pending .xml file or something like that, but I only found some very old ones from a year ago, so not sure they are the culprit. Maybe I should delete them anyway...
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  1. Downloading some ATI drivers from the Acer site didn't help.
    Got this from another post.

    Go to the Silicon image support website:

    download the appropriate DRIVER (not bios) for whatever your computer has - SiI3112 for Non-Raid 2 port SATA 150 controllers worked for me.
    Unzip the driver file into a directory.

    Go to device manager and "update drivers" for the problem component - on mine it showed Unknown Device. Go to "have disk" and point the browser to the folder with the .inf file for the component. Update the drivers and reboot.

    My computer works fine now.
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