first build advice plz.(updated)

update: ok i thank i have everything i need i have completely redone my wish list i didn't get to many suggestions which i hope is good but i made some changes of my own anyways. if you will place take a look (again) for some of you. and plz tell me what you think of this build and also tell me what else i need that i did not add to the list. thank you again for reading.

ok i'v been working here and there trying to get some money to geather and im about to get a GOOD job that well pay better =) 'yay me'. so i started to thank its about time to look into getting a new pc before my parents boot me out. :cry: so i have never built my on pc before. but i really really want to. i mostly play games "mmo" so i need somthing that can handle the long addictive hours im going to spend in front of the game... so here is my wish list from new so plz tell me what "needs" to be changed.

btw. the e6400 may be changed to the q6600... and as for the psu i might also be droped and i get the black stacker case that comes with the psu idk yet?... as for the budget i kinda dont have one i just graduated from school so i dont have any bills :kaola: just what ill be butting in my tank... but i also dont want to spend like 5k on this thing.
and on a nother note im looking for a Sata cd-rom drive that isn't from lite-on i watched a video were some guy had it and its was unbelievably loud so thats a no-no. also ill be getting a lcd from dell unless some one has a good reason not too?

and i may also change my gfx for the one that has the more memory... main reason my wish list is up to date is because i couldn't figure out how to change it with out having to make a new one...

ok now i have a nother question and the last one for now...

im wanting to get two monitors...
A) how do i get that set up and what all would i need for it?
B) will i be able to have a game on one screen and be able to surf the net on the other with same keyboard and mouse?
C) and if yes on B. will the game be perfectly set on full screen on just the one monitor?

thanks for readying this lol i know it couldnt of been easy on the eye's... my grammar is horrible.
but as i start to get the parts after having worked out my wishlist you can bet ill be back for more help lol :)

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  1. A few comments:

    That's a hell of a lot to spend on a case in comparison to your other parts, especially considering the chassis is one of the less important parts when it comes to performance. I think $260 cases are for people spending $3k+ on a new build to be honest. Save money here by getting an Antec Nine Hundred or Thermaltake Armor for about $140, or for a more understated look the Antec P180 can be had for a fantastic $80 after MIR at newegg.

    Use the $100+ saved here to get the 640MB version of the 8800GTS.

    The E6400 isn't a good deal now: pick yourself up an E6550 for slightly less money, or a Q6600 if you can stretch to it.

    You can get a Gigabyte P35-DS3R motherboard for less than that 650i model. Do that for sure.

    Get the Corsair HX620W PSU for $150.

    Do you really need Vista Ultimate?
  2. well for the case i just picked it cuz it looks like it can handle a life time of punishment and its just plain looks nice.

    ill look into the mb you selected and the psu.

    as for the OS I don't actually know what i need i just thought i might as well get the one that has it all so i don't run into any dead ends?
  3. I agree with foxrocks about the case. I would get an Antec 900.

    I, personally, don't see the benefit of gaming keyboards, but for a gaming mouse, i would get:

    good luck.
  4. hmm ok the case is debatable at this time lol i cant decide witch to pick so many good choice's.
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