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i wanna ask is he intel P35 chipset the newest chipset?and is it's performence the best to match with FSB1333 core-dual cpu such as E6850??and is the P35 chipset the coolest and durable chipest in intel brand??

if i want to build a new system with P35 chipset and E6850,which mobo with solid cap do u guys recommand for no overclocking?also the price should be as low as possible~is that the intel DP35DP a good choice for me with no overclocking, low price and more durable??

i come form Hong Kong,hope u guys can understand my bad English~ :kaola: thanks for your help~ :wahoo:
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  1. please give me a hand~
  2. uhh yeah the p35 would be the best to use with the newer intel cpus at the 1333fsb. go for any p35 chipset.
    no it isnt coolest chipset but hey, its durable.

    look at gigabyte 35 ds2/3 series boards. asus makes some lower end ones but theyre a bit more money
  3. I think this is probably one of the cheapest P35 mobos out there and I believe it just got released too.
    I am a big fan of Gigabyte, owned 5 of there mobos and never have had a problem. I actually just put together a rig with their DS3R and a E6850, works great, haven't gotten to ocing yet though.
  4. then how about the performance of intel DP35DP?it has a quite low price~
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