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ok so ive been doing some online gaming on the ps3 with little trouble. I know it doesnt seem to connect well, I regularly get under 60 percent in the wireless stat, but all in all it seems to be ok. I occasionally get a little lag and have only been dumped a couple times, but nothing to tear hair out about. that said id definitely like more performance, downloads are slow and id just like an overall smoother experience. the current wireless router im using is a old netgear wgr614d.
what would be better for me?? upgrade to a newer probably draft n router or even a good g, although the GF laptop is g and so is the ps3 or...

go with one of the 200mbps powerline solutions from either netgear or linksys.

range, with wireless, and speed are what im looking for obviously, the ps3 is downstairs and the router is upstairs, but also nearly on top of each other. unfortunately the positioning of the stuff cannot be changed, so that is out of the question. the house is basically a new house so the wiring should be good to go for powerline.
the GFs laptop connects fine to the router for her, it drops connection far too much for my taste when im using it, bit like I said shes fine with it. so this is basically to get the ps3 running smoother online and its an added bonus if she connects better but its not necessary, plus I con probably upgrade the router I have and maybe cure the dropping connections.

basically I would like to know what solution would be better for me and if some equipment suggestions if possible, thanks.
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  1. I use my PS3 and Xbox360 downstairs, far away from my router. First thing I would suggest. Check and see what your modem is. My old modem was extremely slow, so I called my ISP (Comcast) and they replaced the old one with a new one, that was more than double the speed. For my wireless connection to my consoles, I simply bought this kit: (let me know if the link does not work) I just switch my Ethernet cord between my 360 and PS3 when I use them. A very fast and reliable way to hard wire your internet connection without ripping the walls out. Before I did all this, I could only host 8 players in WarHawk on an online game, now I can host 24.
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