[New System Build] Going for the gaming upgrade (SLI good?)


I'm planning to upgrade my old PC in the next few weeks. I was wondering if the following added things are good enough to play new and upcoming games on?

AMD Athlon X2 6000+
ASUS M2N-E-SLI (Chipset AMD 480X crossfire)
Sapphire ATI X1950PRO, 512MB (X2 for Crossfire use)
Corsair 1024 MB DDR2 675 PC5400 XMS2-5400 (X2)

Is this good enough to play games on? Or is it better to go with a single ASUS EN8600GTS/HTDP/256M which has support for DX10. Also what PSU do I need to run it all together smoothly? Thanks for the time.
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  1. Crossfire and SLi aren't worth it unless you are using it on the highest end cards. Otherwise getting a faster single card is more cost-effective.

    I would go with a single 8800GTS now or you could buy a single X1950pro and upgrade when the next generation of DX10 cards come out.

    The midrange DX10 cards are just pathetic so stay away from the 8600GTS.
  2. a single GTS-640 will beat that crossfire setup, allow you to play Crysis with at least some of the eye candy on and only be marginally more expensive

    a system with a GTS needs a power supply of about 400W or more and with at least 26A on the 12V rails combined, e.g. the PSU should list something like 12V1 14A 12V2 14A meaning it has 28A combined

    people argue about the relative merits of "quality" of PSU, but I have a generic 450W psu running my athlon/GTS system with no problems
  3. Thanks for the input andybird123 and turboflame, really appreciate it.

    I'm on a tight budget (€250 max for the videocard), so high-end videocards are out of the question for me. An 8800 is not for me atm. So it's cool for me to let go of DX10 right now, and just go with a really good DX9 card right? As you said, I want to run Crisis smoothly on atleast 1024x768 with some of the medium/low settings. I can buy the 8800 when prices start to cool down next year.

    I guess X1950 pro it is then, unless a geforce chipset is better... Going to check some benchmarks.
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